Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Angela Fong, PhD

Intructor, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Angela is currently a faculty member at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  She has over 8 years of experience promoting physical activity and exercise to cancer survivors both in the community and in clinical settings.  As a former certified group-fitness professional and registered kinesiologist, she saw firsthand the effectiveness of physical activity and exercise for cancer survivors in terms of physical functioning, psychological wellbeing and social support.  Motivated by this observation, she completed her PhD in Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Sabiston.  Her dissertation focused on using both dissemination and implementation strategies and exercise psychology theories to promote physical activity in breast cancer survivors in “real-world” settings.  Angela is continuing her passion to move important physical activity and exercise knowledge into the hands of cancer survivors by furthering her research at national and North American levels through ActiveMatch and 2Unstoppable.

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