Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Catherine Sabiston, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health

Dr.  Catherine Sabiston holds a Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health and is a Professor in exercise and health psychology at the University of Toronto. She has nearly 170 publications and has given over 350 presentations on exercise motivation and health.

Catherine has worked with over one thousand cancer survivors in various capacities, including as a mental health trainer for dragon boat racing cancer teams, volunteer facilitator for exercise and wellbeing workshops, and in her research. She holds nearly 19 million dollars in funding for her research and has been awarded many early career awards including the William E. Rawls Prize (Early career researcher) from the Canadian Cancer Society. Catherine received a Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute innovation grant to develop ActiveMatch, an online partner matching program to help women with cancer to find exercise support.

The ActiveMatch research project has developed the approach, proven the concept, provided the software tools, and supported the process. As such, Dr. Sabiston’s work has enabled and accelerated the success of 2Unstoppable’s mission and purpose.

Our partnership with Dr. Sabiston enables us to share ideas, insights, and innovations. The extensive and practical research conducted by Dr. Sabiston on the effectiveness of exercise for women with cancer continues to inspire and give purpose to our work. The approaches that she has tried and evaluated for motivating women to exercise and helping them to maintain an exercise regimen over the long term has directed our work toward the buddy system, knowing that it is the most effective way to help women to get active and stay active. Most importantly 2Unstoppable is able to implement our mission significantly more quickly and more cost-effectively, and enables us to meet the needs of a greater population than with other methods.

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