Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Debra Solberg

2Unstoppable Trainer, Cancer Exercise Specialist

After years of struggling with disordered eating and obesity, Deb made the decision to start a
taking care of her health. She started walking regularly and soon became an avid runner and
group fitness participant in strength training and spin classes.

Through mental health therapy for her eating disorder, consistent exercise, and by adopting
healthy food habits and behaviors, she fell in love with fitness and gained a whole new outlook
on life! She wanted to help others who struggle with getting healthier, and established a firm
footing in the fitness and wellness world, teaching several modalities including strength and
conditioning, spin, personal training, and nutrition.

During a routine mammogram in 2019, Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer. The experience
changed her forever, and she wanted to use her knowledge, passion, and the struggle to help
others on their cancer journey. In 2023 she certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist and joined
the 2 Unstoppable team!

Deb holds the following certifications:
-Certified Nutritional Consultant (NASM)
-Certified Group Exercise Instructor (FiTour)
-Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor (ICG)
-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (AFPA)
-Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
-Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CETI)

Deb’s specialty is making exercise enjoyable for her clients by motivation, encouragement, and
lots of laughter!

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