Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

What We Do

We connect you with a buddy

Women can join 2Unstoppable to find an in-person or virtual fitness buddy.  With the combination of motivation, support and accountability, women are more likely to get active and stay active, reaping the many benefits that exercise has to offer.

2Unstoppable provides an online program where any woman with a cancer diagnosis can sign up, create a profile, and “meet” other women in order to find an ideal fitness buddy based on criteria most important to them. This program is available to any woman who has had a cancer diagnosis, whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, a long term survivor, or is living with metastatic disease.

We connect you to resources

2Unstoppable provides access to oncology fitness resources including how-to videos; instructors, trainers, gyms and studios with oncology training, certification and experience; articles with guidelines and tips for exercising after cancer; and websites with relevant and legitimate guidelines and information.

Our resources have been reviewed and approved by registered exercise specialists and certified oncology fitness trainers to ensure the highest quality, safety, and integrity, so you can trust the resources we recommend. 2Unstoppable also works to increase exercise resources for people living with and beyond cancer.  

We connect you to community

Join 2Unstoppable and be part of our growing community of members where you can form fitness groups, attend community events and find the support you need to get moving and stay moving.

Local fitness events will provide an opportunity to meet other 2Unstoppable members and to try different forms of exercise in a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere.  In our community of women you will find the support, learning, and inspiration you need to motivate, empower, and enable you to get moving and stay moving.

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