Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Ilana Gamerman

COO, Co-Founder of 2Unstoppable

I am an avid exerciser for over 20 years.  Exercise helps me focus, clears my thoughts, and basically makes me feel good.  I guess that is why I am so committed to exercise and rely on it so much.  So, when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, it is no surprise that I turned to exercise to help me get through the difficult diagnosis phase all the way to post treatment.

 Whether it was a walk or an easy class at the gym, moving made me feel better and more importantly gave me a sense of control. I know how difficult it is to summon the energy to “move” during this time and having supportive friends helped so much.  A better quality of life and outcomes through exercise is what I hope to help every person faced with a cancer diagnosis achieve.

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