Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Jasper Health

2Unstoppable is proud and privileged to partner with Jasper Health, a personalized digital cancer care platform, that guides those affected by cancer, and their loved ones, via one-on-one coaching, smart planning and personalized guidance.

Jasper Health is a digital guiding and navigation experience that improves the lives of individuals affected by cancer, as well as the lives of their caregivers. Spanning diagnosis through remission, palliative, and end-of-life care, our end-to-end oncology platform provides psychosocial support while enabling connected care with the broader healthcare system. Jasper Health was founded at Redesign Health, and we are a team of seasoned leaders with decades of experience in digital health, clinical care, data science, and consumer engagement all of whom believe that powerful technology and passionate people can relieve some of the stress of organizing care. For more information, visit

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