Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Lorraine Fischer

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Physical Therapist, Align Fitness DC

Lorraine Fischer is a Graduate of McGill University with a BSc in Physical Therapy.
She has worked in the field of physical therapy for over 25 years, with a primary focus on rehabilitation and seniors. Lorraine recently completed certification as a personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist and currently provides personal training at Align in Washington DC.

In both her personal and professional life, Lorraine is passionate about exercise and understands the importance of exercising with others. She has personally experienced the power of support and encouragement from peers as she has been exercising with a group of women consistently for 15 years. Her group has taken up swimming, cycling, kickboxing, and other forms of physical activity together, and through their shared experiences, have created a supportive community that carries them through both happy and sad occasions in life.

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