Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Give Yourself The Gift Of Movement

2Unstoppable programs are not only a gift to yourself but also a gift to your family, friends, and all those who love you.  

By joining the 2Unstoppable community, you will have the opportunity to connect with and receive support from a diverse group of women who share similar experiences, empowering you to feel more confident in your body and your overall health. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive resources and tools that promote physical and emotional wellbeing. 

2Unstoppable FREE Membership

How We Help

Oncology-Specific. Our classes are designed to be safe and effective for cancer patients.  All of our classes are taught by our amazing team of certified cancer exercise specialists.

Virtual Platform. Our classes are available securely online, giving access to everyone.

Social Support. Our programs are infused with collaboration and care that supports the development of genuine relationships among community members.

Women-First. Our classes are designed specifically for women with cancer diagnoses at any stage of their cancer journey.

Movement + Support = Improved Outcomes.

2Unstoppable helps forge powerful, motivating, and supportive connections to encourage exercise during all phases of the cancer journey.



2Unstoppable uses a free membership model that offers women diagnosed with cancer a potent combination of motivation, support, and accountability to stay strong and keep moving forward. Join us, and let’s get moving together!


Virtual Classes

We offer a variety of classes that are suitable for all fitness levels. All of our classes are taught live over Zoom by our amazing team of Certified Cancer Exercise Specialists. Check out our monthly calendar and rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with us.


Monthly Meetups

Monthly meet-ups provide an opportunity to meet other members and to learn about different forms of exercise in a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere. In our community, you will find the learning and inspiration you need to motivate and empower yourself to get and stay moving.


Monthly Challenges

Each month, we begin a new 21-day challenge that focuses on a specific muscle group or movement. These challenges are suitable for all fitness levels and include a structured calendar, instructional videos, and a supportive group to keep you motivated and inspired during the 21 days.

Hear what Some of our Class Participants have to say...

“This class was a really good midday way to get some movement. I give the class 5 stars.”

“Carole was great at adjusting movements for me. I definitely got a great workout.”

“I don’t consider myself a dancer but Cori made it so much fun, I couldn’t help but join in”

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