Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Michelle Stravitz, CEO, Co-Founder

Michelle Stravitz

CEO, Co-Founder of 2Unstoppable

When I was diagnosed in June 2015 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, fitness, in its various forms, had been in and out of my life since my 20’s. However, my oncologist was clear with me – move as much as you can throughout treatment to combat fatigue and anxiety. I took her words to heart, and I made fitness a part of my complementary treatment plan.

Some days that meant walking with a friend or the dog, and on other days I found a gentle yoga class or an oncology exercise session. The benefits were definitive and numerous. Now that I am post-treatment, I recognize the extraordinary importance and impact of regular exercise for cancer patients and survivors. As a breast cancer survivor, I have made fitness a priority in my life, and I want to help every patient and survivor to do the same.

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