Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Dr. Robert DeSimone, MD, ABAARM, DiplACLM

Board Certified in Functional Medicine and Anesthesiology / Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine

I became interested in Functional Medicine secondary to my own health issues that surfaced about 15 years ago — stress and lack of sleep. Taking the lifestyle advice I have given over the years to countless patients with similar issues, I decided to leave my 25-year anesthesia practice in July 2019 to pursue the practice of Functional Medicine full time.

Anesthesia has a proclivity for being a very stressful profession and I had been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. By my early forties I noticed I was always tired, had problems sleeping at night, and was gaining weight despite frequent exercise and watching my diet. Fortunately, and with the guidance of a Functional Medicine physician in my area, I was healed through a plan of stress reduction, sleep therapy, nutrition, and adrenal supplements.

I was so impressed with my physician and the power of functional medicine that I pursued a fellowship in Functional Medicine and became an A4M Diplomat (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). While continuing with my anesthesia practice, I started a small Functional Medicine practice and am now pursuing this passion full time. I am also Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

There is a huge need for medical doctors who embrace patient-centered collaborative “health-span” care (how well you live your life) as opposed to the traditional model of reactive/disease-based health care. In my highly personalized Functional Medicine practice, I am able to put the utmost focus on the patient-physician relationship, which I believe is vital to providing excellent medical care and optimizing health.

On a personal note…
With a love for cooking and eating healthy, and being active outdoors and in a Masters Swimming program (my long time passion), I have made a daily habit of practicing what I preach. I have been married for 31 years to a wonderful woman who is also a physician and very supportive of me, and we are blessed with 3 great children.


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