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Survivors to Thrivers

Survivors to Thrivers:  Your Mindset Towards Recovery

I believe there are five components to fitness: muscle strength and endurance, cardio strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility and mental health. As a licensed social worker turned fitness pro, I emphasize the importance of emotional health on the journey to physical well-being. “Internal Health, External Beauty,” is my mantra.

For cancer survivors to truly become Thrivers, moving from the medical mindset of cancer to a motivational mindset of recovery, is imperative. If your environment or your mindset makes you “stay in your cancer”, emotional healing can stagnate. To move forward, you need to find fun, motivation, and strength.

Cheerleaders represent motivational support and serve as a powerful ally when the chips are down. They are the smile on your face on the sidelines of life and the empowering strength in your fight to THRIVE. “The Cheerleader” in your world is in your friends, your family and YOU.

A few years ago, I recognized the synergies between cheer motions and weight training movements, formed my company FIT 2 CHEER and conceived PoundPoms!  PoundPoms® are weighted cheerleading pom poms designed to accompany my fitness programs. Our partnership with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI™) creating the PoundPoms® 4 Recovery program is a collaboration to specifically address the unique recovery needs of cancer patients and survivors. Using kinesiology movements identical to cheerleading motions and the enthusiast mentality of cheerleaders, we support the recovery of the physical and emotional state of our survivors through the power of motivational and fun exercise.

So, if you thrive to take the next step towards recovery, become the cheerleader of your health!

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