Give Yourself the Gift of Movement

Walking Buddies

Cancer treatment, often, is a period when time/regular activities are curtailed or stand still.  One benefit of that unusual time is that, for me, it made space to take walks with a friend who I usually didn’t have time to reach out to.  We were walking buddies.  She, often with her dog.  Me, often constricted by low red cell count during chemo.  Still, we kept going block after block.  We talked about oncologists and mouth sores, but also about the joys in our lives and our plans for after treatment.

Now, each of us are too busy to be walking buddies, but I reflect on our time and our feeding of each other’s fortitude.  More than two years after treatment, I note that we didn’t walk so far, but it kept us moving when we didn’t feel like moving, either physically or emotionally.  By having a date with a like-minded person, we supported each other through some hard decisions and in believing that we could have some normalization in our lives.

We see each other at group classes now: yoga, drumming, belly dancing.  She is a super athlete doing major workouts at the gym.  I am proud that I could kayak four hours on a recent Sunday and participated with my GoPinkDC! dragon boat team in the international festival for breast cancer survivors in Florence, Italy in summer 2018.  It was amazing to see the physical prowess of 4,000 breast cancer survivors, supporting each other as they get healthier and healthier!

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