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Yoga for Cancer

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I joined Rita’s Yoga for Cancer class a few months after major abdominal surgery for two malignant tumors that turned my orderly life upside down. Moving through pain, fatigue, fear, and the isolation of a devastating diagnosis, I’d taken to walking every day.  First a wobbly half block, then a breathless block, upping that to a half mile, a mile, until I was breezing through three-plus miles a day. Walking was meditative for me at the same time as I was regaining strength, counting my blessings in the cool of early morning.

When I read about Rita’s yoga class, I felt a pull. This might lend an added dimension to my physical healing, I thought. It might restore some of the control that cancer had stolen from me. So for several months now, I’ve taken Rita’s class each Saturday morning, and it has become sacred space. Over the course of 90 minutes, we set intentions for the day, work through a series of dynamic vinyasas, move through sun salutations and poses that task my body with finding its fluidity and power. Half moon. Warrior 1. Cobra. Shavasana. I feel myself lengthen, loosen, lighten. I am reminded to breathe.

I am strong. I am balanced. I am rooted to the earth even as I reach for the sky. I am healthy and fit. Rita checks my form, making adjustments as needed. She gets to know each of us in the class, guiding our yoga practice appropriately to suit any limitations or discomforts. She shares affirmations as we reconnect body with breath after final relaxation; these often resonate long after class is over.

So now I am both a walker and a yogi, practicing gratitude and intention. Walking clears my head while yoga opens my heart. Sometimes my tree pose is steady as a rock; other times, it’s wobbly and I just have to laugh. Either way, I’m there, and that is no small victory. Namaste!

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